Very Serious Fantasy Craft Adventure

Letters from Red Herring to Lindelani Fisher

Red's Diary 02

Dear ‘Lindelani’,

Well, ya got ta know, I don’t appreciate when you make fun my Title. I’m quite fond o’ “the seeker” myself. Everyone over here is callin’ me that! My friends think it’s fine as a frog’s hair split four ways.

Either way, I’m finally gettin’ some results in my explorin’. I think it’s the people I’ve started hangin’ around with. Ya know, that knucklehead Carby and the gang. Just recently, we stopped some folk from smugglin’ merchandise from two fightin’ families, the Elazar and the Amsu.

Truth is Lindy, I’m scared. There’s all kinds of folks around here. From grown folk as short as young’uns, ta big scary green folk. Recently, I made a friend there, goes by the name To-ghey, and he said that there are some scary folk down here named the “elves” and they are some sort o’ savages and movin’ trees too.

Wells, ‘parrently my partners, ’specially the Father Talion, want ta go in the forest to deal with these folk. The folk seem pretty ancient themselves, and they will maybe help us n’ help me find the lost Saurians, but they are my biggest fear.

‘Member before we left our tribe? When Steel humiliated my father n’ I? After his war path, I mean. I don’t want to meet others like ‘im, crazed savages, I mean. But, I don’t wanna run with a tail between my legs, ya know? What I’m sayin’ is, you’re a priestess, please pray ta ol’ Courage for me.

I’ll be sendin’ you some articles I found while explorin’ in a little while, when I get enough funds. One is a magical frog statue that seems to regenerate when broken, the other is a book made entirely from human skin! I almos loss my cool when I saw that. Hope ya don’t throw up!

- Red THE SEEKER Herring


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