Very Serious Fantasy Craft Adventure

Letters from Red Herring to Lindelani Fisher
Red's Diary 02

Dear ‘Lindelani’,

Well, ya got ta know, I don’t appreciate when you make fun my Title. I’m quite fond o’ “the seeker” myself. Everyone over here is callin’ me that! My friends think it’s fine as a frog’s hair split four ways.

Either way, I’m finally gettin’ some results in my explorin’. I think it’s the people I’ve started hangin’ around with. Ya know, that knucklehead Carby and the gang. Just recently, we stopped some folk from smugglin’ merchandise from two fightin’ families, the Elazar and the Amsu.

Truth is Lindy, I’m scared. There’s all kinds of folks around here. From grown folk as short as young’uns, ta big scary green folk. Recently, I made a friend there, goes by the name To-ghey, and he said that there are some scary folk down here named the “elves” and they are some sort o’ savages and movin’ trees too.

Wells, ‘parrently my partners, ’specially the Father Talion, want ta go in the forest to deal with these folk. The folk seem pretty ancient themselves, and they will maybe help us n’ help me find the lost Saurians, but they are my biggest fear.

‘Member before we left our tribe? When Steel humiliated my father n’ I? After his war path, I mean. I don’t want to meet others like ‘im, crazed savages, I mean. But, I don’t wanna run with a tail between my legs, ya know? What I’m sayin’ is, you’re a priestess, please pray ta ol’ Courage for me.

I’ll be sendin’ you some articles I found while explorin’ in a little while, when I get enough funds. One is a magical frog statue that seems to regenerate when broken, the other is a book made entirely from human skin! I almos loss my cool when I saw that. Hope ya don’t throw up!

- Red THE SEEKER Herring

Letters from Red Herring to Lindelani Fisher
Red's Diary 01

Dear ‘Lindelani’,

I hope ya doin’ well and still ain’t murdered my old-timer for raidin’ ya closet a couple months ago. I had a hoot and a haf when Pops wrote ‘bout ya undergarments. Wait, maybe I shouldena wrote this. Aw hells, I got no more paper and I don’t want it ta look messy. So if ya readin’ this Pops, ya deserve the poor woman’s scorn. Also, I don’t like your new name, I prefer Gerel.

I’ve had quite the adventure down south here. I visited a land that, can ya believe this, had less iron than Joe’s “blacksmithin’ shop”. Then I got kicked out ‘cause this knucklehead fella thought it’d be cleva to swindle the only metal they got and blame me for it.

I moved on East, or what I believed to be East. Remembah I told ya, I lost the compass ya gave me a year ago? Yeah, I haven’t been able ta replace it, yet. I came across this port named… ta be honest, I dunno. I rememba the first thing I did was buy some paper.

Then I went into a bar ta scope out the people, ya know? And then this fella that goes ‘round by the name Luke and drinks me undah the table, ya know I ain’t good with alcohol, and I do amitt we caused a ruckus, ‘cause all I remembah after that is runnin’ away from a boat load of people with pitchforks and torches and with Luke by my side. We jumped on a boat on barrels and I can’t remembah much after that. Next thing I know, Luke and I are stowaways on a merchant ship heading to Gods know where ina crossroads of hangover and sea sickness.

Wasn’t my day for sure.

After we met alla the crew mates, I encountered the knucklehead that’d framed me for theft! An a few other passengers. ‘Pparently, knucklehead’s name is Carby, and believe this, that man is shorta than ya! Met a guy, righteous lookin’ guy, named Talion whossuposed ta be a priest of sorts, but he got a bigger sword than mine! I think he’s compensatan, or maybe he’s cut, ya never know with those religions. I also met this pretty lady named Evangeline, she’s one of them quiet-types, and her body guard, who appeared ta be real jumpy named Vince. I call ’er Eve, ’cause Evangeline takes too long ta say and spell.

We drifted foreva and then a storm rolled in. We crashed into some bluffs and made our way inta the island. The storm hit us hard and the ship left without the six o’ us. Luke, Carby, Talion, Eve, Vince, and me.

It was the tropics, Lindy, nothin’ like we got up there. I cut up my coat’s sleeves ‘cause it was too damn hot down here. For a second, I almost considered throwin’ out my darn hat! I saw a colorful purple bird and it seemed that it could point us in the right direction, but everyone thought I was crazy.

This expedition of mine has been real thrillin’. We met some very short cannables, a looney masked hunchback, who didn’t want to gimme my book as payment for getting’ him a stone frog, and a sea man who really, really likes Talion.

Sorry for the long ramblin’ Lindy, and thanks for takin’ care of Pops. I know somewhere out there, ya wishin’ me the best, and I’m wishin’ you the best with your “Priestess” goals too. I’m one step closer ta findin’ the ancient aliens which I set out to for my Old man, ‘parrently there are something called Saurians I’ll need to look into. I’ll be back as soon as I get my hands on the bones of the ancient “Saurians” or the location of one o’ their cities.

Also, apparently the island I was on was called Soramanti and I’m headin’ ta the city of Plock in the Sebadorian island now. Hope I’ll see ya soon Gerel!

-Red “the Seeker” Herring

"Where the fuck are we?"


As everyone comes to terms with their characters, we are introduced to who will be making up the party. Luke the Fencer, Evangeline the Captain and her lieutenant Vince, Red the Explorer, Carby Maru the Burglar and Talion Vettner, the Priest of Good.

The heroes of the story start their adventure on a ship, possibly transporting spice or prisoners or something similar. Upon immediate shipwrecking, they began making their way into the island they find themselves stranded on, searching some kind of society.

Instead, they simply find tiny cannibals! Dreaded Pech who keep themselves busy by killing and eating visitors. Fearing conflict, the party navigate around, finding the tower owned by the masked wizard Xildxen. Xildxen offers the group a way off the island if they can return a jade idol, stolen from him by the pygmies.

The party makes their way toward a large pygmy camp. After devising a plan containing stealth, subterfuge and romance, everything goes wrong and instead ends up in a massive skirmish. Bruised and frustrated, the party defeat the pygmies (including a shaman with some powerful summoning magic) and retrieve the idol, before making their way back to Xildxen and his tower.

Xildxen offers the party some hospitality while they wait a few days for his ship to arrive. During these days, the party overhear him chanting words with evil natures, causing Talion to lead the charge in stopping it. The Idol given to Xildxen had grown considerably and had become sentient. After the ensuing fight, Xildxen claimed that he was using the idol to research Ancient Saurien history, and the party had in fact disrupted this by destroying the idol.

Regardless, Xildxen allows the party to stay and wait for the ship. Red, Eve and Vince decided to explore the surrounding area, finding some odd skeletons of large creatures and another island about a day away.

The next day, the entire group met up with the Captain of Xildxen’s ship, who informed them that the island they are currently on was named Somanti, and the passage would take them to Sebadoria. And so the party took off, finishing their first adventure and arriving in the city of Plaak, and civilized lands.

Level up!


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